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“Summer…it turns me upside down…” that beginning line to the song “Magic” by the Cars sums up summer to me.  It is by far my favorite season of the year, followed closely by autumn.  Why do I love summer?  Is it … Continue reading

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An Interminable March

I have a love/hate relationship with the month of March.  As an educator, it is an interminable month with no breaks and students ramped up with cabin fever.  As a sports fan, it’s a dream come true.  The NCAA Tournament … Continue reading

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More bees please…

Bees are fascinating creatures.  They’ve never frightened me.  I’ve been stung a handful of times over the years and so far I don’t seem to have an allergy to them.  Several years ago I took the time to sit and … Continue reading

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Excerpt from The Quarry’s Child…enjoy!

The Quarry’s Child Chapter 1           Retirement was difficult for Meg.  For thirty years her life was regimented and predictable.   Now she was faced with the challenge of creating her own routines.  At least she had the lake, and Tommy.  … Continue reading

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Chips on my shoulders…

Yes, I have more than one chip.  In fact I probably have more chips than I have shoulders.  My shoulders are broad from all of those competitive butterfly races when I was younger, I carry them well.  The chips are firmly … Continue reading

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Albany Slip clay/glaze

I was the kid at camp who avoided arts and crafts like it was the plague.  Fear gripped me when it was time for art class in school.  I’m the type of person who cannot draw a straight line with … Continue reading

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Lake water

I was fortunate enough to go swimming today.  The sky was blue with some cirrus clouds in the horse tail formation.  That denotes fair weather.  For anyone keeping track, the water temp was 77, very pleasant.  Once I grabbed a … Continue reading

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the header photo

For the last several years I have been fortunate to rent a camp on a small lake.  It’s not any lake, it’s the lake where my grandparents owned a camp for decades.  I grew up in and on this lake.  … Continue reading

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Lovely + dark and deep = mystery

One of the most asked questions of writers is where we get our ideas.  For me, the answer is simple.  Whatever I see is fair game.   But I tend to see things in a different light.  I’ve been told I … Continue reading

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