I CAN get some satisfaction…

I hope the Rolling Stones don’t mind me paraphrasing one of their titles.  In my never-ending quest to fill the glass half full instead of emptying it halfway, I have been taking time to reflect on certain words and concepts.  Today I’m focused on the word “blessed.”

The word itself has a strong religious connotation though I am not here to discuss that aspect of it.  I think of it as being fortunate and lately it occurs to me I have taken many things for granted.  Most days I do feel blessed.  I have a job I love, a beautiful home, a nice car, good clothes to wear, money to buy things I want, etc.  However, those are the things that aren’t that important in the grand scheme of things.  So I’ve been taking an inventory of things I enjoy and don’t think twice about, things I need to appreciate more.  It’s time to recognize my good fortune.

On any given day I’m blessed to:  see, hear and speak.  I’m blessed not to be afflicted with a terminal illness.  I’m blessed to have two remaining family members in their 80s.  I’m blessed to have wonderful friends, many of whom have stuck by me through thick and thin.  I’m blessed to have another chance at love, something I thought wouldn’t happen again for me.  I’m blessed to feel pervasive happiness, a feeling that has eluded me for decades.  I’m blessed to be going forward each day.  I’m blessed that there are many people who want to read what I write.

As I gaze out the window here, I see a landscape bathed in watery sunlight, the tops of the grass rippling in the breeze, trees stripped almost bare in readiness for winter and I feel so vibrant.  I feel like shouting from the rooftops that my existence matters, that I make a difference, that I’ve been put here for a purpose.  And do you know why?  Of course you do.  I’m blessed.

About thequarryschild

A self-described forensic junkie, Beth Anderson spends her days shaping young minds to ask critical questions and wonder “whodunit.” Beth resides in the Capital District of New York and spends her free time reading and solving the great mysteries. Her love of swimming, tennis and sports provides the basis for one of the lead characters in her new book The Quarry’s Child. Beth is one of the founding members of the Upper Hudson Valley Chapter of Sisters in Crime (aka Mavens of Mayhem), a graduate of the FBI Citizens Academy, a survivor of a visit to an active aircraft carrier while it was at sea, and a published poet in Soundings, a literary journal. Beth continues to instill a love for mystery fiction in her students as she has for over twenty years. Photo credit: Quinn Mulvey
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