Atypical female thoughts…

The stereotype about women indicates we like to shop, have our nails done, have our hair done and dress up all of the time.  I’m happy to say I don’t fit that stereotype, not by a long shot.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m all girl.  I’m proud to be a woman but I abhor shopping, can’t stand wasting my time at silly, dressy functions and detest wasting my time having my hair and nails done.

Naturally I participate in all of these rituals.  It takes almost two hours for my hair to be “done.”  Fortunately in our technology-rich society, I bring my iPad along in order to listen to music, read and research.  But I still chomp at the bit feeling it is time wasted.  As usual, life has taught me a new lesson.

When I last did the hair thing, I plugged in and was rewarded in hearing the opening strains of Bruce Springsteen’s “Land of Hope and Dreams.”  I couldn’t help but celebrate the song because of the coincidences with my own life.  The opening line “Grab your ticket and your suitcase/Thunder’s rolling down this track…” is a simple reference to taking a train but could be analogous to life’s journey.  I’ve been on a journey and I’ve been taking the train a great deal.  “Well I will provide for you/Yeah and I’ll stand by your side/You’ll need a good companion now/For this part of your ride…” mirrors my feelings about the relationship I’ve entered into at this stage of my life.  It’s profoundly rewarding and, though I had always sworn to be an independent woman, I’m reveling in having a companion.  Finally, in part of the chorus, Springsteen sums up several different ideas “This train/Carries lost souls/This train/Dreams will not be thwarted/This train/Faith will be rewarded” which really speak to me as an individual.

My faith has always been an important part of my existence.  I would not be here without it.  I have dreams, dreams that I plan to fulfill.  And I’ve been a lost soul for a great deal of my life.  I’m only just beginning to understand the depth and breadth of my inner self.  And I have to say, it’s pretty cool.

So I’m happy to report that I no longer feel time spent at the beauty parlor is time wasted.  It allows me to plug in, tune in and check in with my feelings.  Thanks also to Bruce for providing meaning at a challenging time.  He’s done so many times for me with his music but “Land of Hope and Dreams”  has added a new layer of meaning to my life.

About thequarryschild

A self-described forensic junkie, Beth Anderson spends her days shaping young minds to ask critical questions and wonder “whodunit.” Beth resides in the Capital District of New York and spends her free time reading and solving the great mysteries. Her love of swimming, tennis and sports provides the basis for one of the lead characters in her new book The Quarry’s Child. Beth is one of the founding members of the Upper Hudson Valley Chapter of Sisters in Crime (aka Mavens of Mayhem), a graduate of the FBI Citizens Academy, a survivor of a visit to an active aircraft carrier while it was at sea, and a published poet in Soundings, a literary journal. Beth continues to instill a love for mystery fiction in her students as she has for over twenty years. Photo credit: Quinn Mulvey
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