“Summer…it turns me upside down…” that beginning line to the song “Magic” by the Cars sums up summer to me.  It is by far my favorite season of the year, followed closely by autumn.  Why do I love summer?  Is it because of the incessant heat and humidity omnipresent in the Northeast during the summer?  Is it the myriad mosquitoes seeking my flesh?  Is it the crashing thunderstorms brought on by the aforementioned heat and humidity?  NO!!

Some of my best memories are of summer and water.  If you’ve read my blog you know I love the water:  salt, fresh, chlorine, bathtub…it’s all good.  From a young age I experienced the water of Lake Champlain, the ocean in Maine, the pool at the Burlington Tennis Club and my much loved Big Bowman here in upstate New York.  From there it expanded exponentially to include:  the ocean in Cape Cod, the Jersey Shore, the South Carolina Coast, Florida’s Gulf, the Virgin Islands, many lakes in the Adirondacks, various and sundry streams and rivers.  I’ve loved them all and look forward to experiencing new swimming settings.

But summer for me isn’t just about swimming (ok, so it’s mostly about swimming and reading), it’s also about typical summer events.  I love fireworks, cookouts, grilling and who can forget memorable summer concerts?  My summers included two concert staples:  the Beach Boys and Jimmy Buffet.  Singing along on the grass at the Saratoga Performing Arts Center is a rite of passage for a teen from this area.  Not only was the music great, the patrons on the grassy slopes provided a young teen a great deal in the way of education :::wink:::.

I’m looking forward to my first toasted marshmallow of the season.  Browned or burnt to a crisp?  It doesn’t matter to me.  At least one has to be set on fire for the summer to be worthwhile.  What’s not to love about a campfire?  Or fireflies dancing in the dark?  The water shimmering in late afternoon on Big Bowman?  The waves crashing ceaselessly at the ocean?

Come on, you love it too!  All of those memories help me erase the hot and humid ickiness from my mind.  I feel blessed to have these memories and those I will continue to create.  Will this summer involve some walks along the beach?  A lobster dinner?  Some fried clams (no bellies, please)?  Who knows?

I do know it will involve endless swims in Big Bowman, writing sessions on the porch, teasing out the rest of the mystery that is The Quarry’s Child.  Next Sunday I’ll be in the lake, not just thinking about it.  Two new floats will be available as well as the usual assortment of wacky noodle floats.  Cold beverages are always in the fridge, bring your own lunch.  Come on up, the water will be fine!  Or in the words of Jimmy Buffet, “the weather is here, wish you were beautiful.”

North Beach, Lake Champlain

About thequarryschild

A self-described forensic junkie, Beth Anderson spends her days shaping young minds to ask critical questions and wonder “whodunit.” Beth resides in the Capital District of New York and spends her free time reading and solving the great mysteries. Her love of swimming, tennis and sports provides the basis for one of the lead characters in her new book The Quarry’s Child. Beth is one of the founding members of the Upper Hudson Valley Chapter of Sisters in Crime (aka Mavens of Mayhem), a graduate of the FBI Citizens Academy, a survivor of a visit to an active aircraft carrier while it was at sea, and a published poet in Soundings, a literary journal. Beth continues to instill a love for mystery fiction in her students as she has for over twenty years. Photo credit: Quinn Mulvey
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  1. L. Miller says:

    And then of course, there’s summer romance………;)

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