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The Warmth of Blessings…

As I ponder the remaining few days of my summer vacation, I’m in awe of the blessings that envelop me.  In the past two weeks, my tranquil community in upstate NY has endured an earthquake and a tropical storm.  Our … Continue reading

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More bees please…

Bees are fascinating creatures.  They’ve never frightened me.  I’ve been stung a handful of times over the years and so far I don’t seem to have an allergy to them.  Several years ago I took the time to sit and … Continue reading

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Excerpt from The Quarry’s Child…enjoy!

The Quarry’s Child Chapter 1           Retirement was difficult for Meg.  For thirty years her life was regimented and predictable.   Now she was faced with the challenge of creating her own routines.  At least she had the lake, and Tommy.  … Continue reading

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Rocks, rocks, and more rocks…

We’re not talking about the rocks in my head.  Let’s talk rocks, real rocks.  Okay, so I was one of the few who enjoyed Earth Science when I was in high school.  Like my love for history, I just like … Continue reading

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